Audrey and Sargent Aborn
Eric Abraham
Stephanie and David Abramson
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Alda
Linda and Earle Altman
Eleanor S. Applewhaite
Karen and Gregory Arenson
Mr. and Mrs. George Asch
Page Ashley
In Memory of Betty L. Asiel
The Avis Budget Charitable Foundation
Robin and Marc Avram
Susan Baker and Michael Lynch
Martin and Rhoda Barr
Diane Belfer
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bennett
Jayne Bentzen and Benedict Silverman
Linda and Peter Berley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bernhard
Susan and Eliot Black
Nancy L. Blank
Arlene and Harvey Blau
Lisa and Jeff Blau
Marilyn Friedman and Thomas Block
Robert Brenner
Brian Painting
Peter S. Britell
The Sander and Norma K. Buchman Fund
Maggie and Don Buchwald
Marian C. Burke
Mary Callaghan
Marcy Carsey
Una Chae & Jonathan Zucker
Melinda Cheng
James McConnell Clark
Adrianne and Jerry Cohen
The Simon and Eve Colin Foundation
Collins Building Services, Inc.
Jean C. and James W. Crystal
Dr. Michael Cucka
Beth and Ravenel Curry
Cutie Pie Baby
Susan Danilow
Peggy and Dick Danziger
Mary and Evan Davis
Scott M. Delman
Antoinette Delruelle and Joshua L. Steiner
Jenny Brorsen and Rich DeMartini
Diebold, Inc.
Valerie-Charles Diker Fund
Robert and Martha Dinerstein
The Donaldson Organization
Nancy Donohue and Diane Elam
Ms. Domitilia M. dos Santos
Brendan Dougher
Amanda DuBois and Timur Kocak
Martin L. Edelman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Feinberg
James A. Feldman and Natalie Wexler
Linda and Gregory Fischbach
Susan L. and Arthur Fleischer, Jr.
Judi Sorensen Flom
William Fox Jr. Foundation, Mrs. Barbara Fox-Bordiga
Andrew Frackman and Emily Braun
Mark Gallogly and Lise Strickler
Mali Sananikone Gaw and Akarin Gaw
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gelb
Barbara and Peter Georgescu
The Gerstner Family Foundation
Melissa M. Gibbs
Ms. Lynn Gilbert
Nina Zolt and Miles Gilburne
Golding-Gerson Family
Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow
Neil Goldstein
Terina Golfinos and Robert Lisi
The Gordon Foundation
Liz and Irwin Gotlieb
Barbara Freid Gottesman
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Gould, Jr.
The Gramercy Park Foundation, Inc.
Melanie Dodson and David Granger
Victor and Phyllis Grann
Annette Green
James and Marilee Greenwald
Gregory P. Joseph Law Offices LLC
Joan and Charles Gross
Naava and Sanford Grossman
Peter and Helen Haje
In memory of Dr. Jean Pierre Hartman by his wife Eva
Linda and Mel Heineman
Michael S. & Ricki Tigert Helfer
Janet and Arthur Hershaft
Katherine E. Dietze and William H. Heyman
Ian and Lea Highet
Bonnie and Harold Himmelman
Rochelle and David A. Hirsch
Carol and Howard Holtzmann
Ruth W. Houghton
Dr. Betty S. Iu
Barbara and Donald Jonas
Alexandra K. Jones
Marnee and Eric Kaltman
Mrs. Dafna Recanati Kaplan and Mr. Thomas S. Kaplan
Robert and Debra Kasirer
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kauffmann
George and Mariana Kaufman
Dilara and Gün Keresteci
Ann Kern
Stuart and Isabel Kessler
Younghee Kim-Wait and Jarett F. Wait
Harold and Ruth Kingsberg
Sam and Fran Klagsbrun
Jamie and Howard Klein
Lucinda E. Knuth
Judi and Douglas Krupp
Jill and Barry Lafer
Deborah and Peter Lamm
Alain and Helene LeBleu
Isabelle R. Leeds
Carol Leibenson

Carl Folta and Molly Lemeris
Sahra Lese
Amy and Frank Linde
Susan and Arthur Lindenauer
Robert and Margot Linton
Dorothy Litwin and Donald Brief
Loi Restaurant
Sondra and David S. Mack
Richard H.M. and Gail Lowe Maidman
Bernice Manocherian
Marcum Technology LLC
Judith and Michael Margulies
The V. & L. Marx Foundation
Joanne and Norman Matthews
Mrs. William F. May
John E. McAuliffe
Shelley Mendell
Tom Mendoza
Mrs. Susan Merinoff
Metropolitan Interactive Ltd.
Ellen and Lee Metzendorf
Sandy and Ed Meyer
Ms. Marti Ann Meyerson
Mr. and Mrs. William Michaelcheck
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Miller
Jean and Lewis Miller
The Millstone Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Missett, III
Prue Mortimer
Brian and Cricket Mullaney
Kathryn Myers
Leslie and Mitchell J. Nelson
The Netter Foundation
Nancy and Michael Neuman
Stanley Newman and Dr. Brian Rosenthal
Robert C. and Candice Earley Nolan
The Noreen and David O'Brien Family
Charles John O'Byrne
Sarah O'Hagan
Harley and Stephen Osman
Purvi and Harsh Padia
Pamela and Edward Pantzer
Kent and Jean Papsun
Herbert Pardes M.D. and Nancy Wexler Ph.D.
Susan and Alan Patricof
The Peckham Family Foundation
Perfect Building Maintenance
Dina and George Perry
Ann and Hollis Petersen
In Loving Memory of Nancy Pfifferling
Mr. Mark Pick
Judy and Jim Pohlman
Jay Polonsky and Kay Oppenheimer
Judith and Jeffrey Poss
Robert A. Press, M.D.
Jonathan Pryor
Susan Segal Rai
Catherine A. Rein
The Karl F. Reuling Fund
Jane and Paul Rittmaster
Kenneth B. Roberts
Gail and Michael Rogers
Wendi and Joe Rose
Sheri and Jimmy Rosenfeld
Alexandra Munroe and Robert Rosenkranz
Jamie Rosenthal Wolf, David Wolf, Rick Rosenthal, and Nancy Stephens
Jodi and Robert Rosenthal
Lesley & Ted Rosenthal
Nina Rosenwald
Anne and Noah Roy, Dylan and Bennett
Deborah and Chuck Royce
Barbara and LeRoy Rubin
Daniel and Jo-Anne Rubin
Reed Rubin and Jane Gregory Rubin
Lynda and Robert Safron and the Edythe Kenner Foundation
The Sagner Family Foundation
The Sagner Family Foundation
Judy and Dirk Salz
Marilyn and Jay Sarles
Emily and James Satloff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwalbe
Joan C. Schwartz
Elizabeth W. Scott and Emma E. Dunch
Ava Seave, Quantum Media
Jenna and Paul Segal Foundation
Mrs. Richard Selle
Nadine Shaoul and Mark Schonberger
M. David Sherrill
Gil Shiva
Mrs. Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff
Sidley Austin LLP
Signature Bank
Adrianne and William Silver
Arlene B. Simon
John B. Simoni, Jr.
Mrs. Riva Ariella Ritvo-Slifka
Spectrum Painting
Dr. Eric J. Spicer and Christiane Vanderlinden
Squire Sanders LLP
Stephen Stamas
Aaron and Betty Lee Stern Foundation
Julia and Lawrence Steyn
Lee and Roger Strong
Dr. Pavur R. Sundaresan
Gloria and Philip Talkow
Jay H. Tanenbaum
Telepan Restaurant, Wellness in the School, Bill Telepan and Jimmy Nicholas
Teradata Corporation
Tod Williams Billie Tsien
Bunny and Sid Todres
Lee L. Traub
Pat and Ed Travaglianti
Tri State Dismantling Corporation
Uneeda Enterprises
Enzo Viscusi
Candace and Jonathan Wainwright
Mrs. James P. Warburg
Bonnie T. Webster
Elaine and Alan Weiler
Sue Ann Weinberg
Weir Welding Company Inc.
Doreen and Martin Weisfuse
Neil and Virginia Weiss Foundation In Memory of Steven Weiss
Sherry and Robert Wiener
Susan and Benjamin Winter
Kathryn Wylde, Partnership For New York City
Wpress Termite & Pest Control Corp.
Eileen Yajure/For The Record
George M. Yeager
Stephen P. Younger
Ten Anonymous