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In Memory of E. Nelson & Betty L. Asiel
Atlantic Cine Equipment
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Marion Bass Real Estate and Sam Bass
Sabina Ahuja and Terence Battle
Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Berk
In Memory of Arthur M. Bernhardt
The Bernstein Family
Mallika Bhargava
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Nancy and Bob Blank
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Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Bravmann
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Breglio
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Cammack Health
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Michael A. and Mary A. Carpenter
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William & Margaret Constantine
Arika and Jon Couchman
Dana Zucker and Brahm Cramer
Mark and Lisa Cronin
Ellie and Edgar M. Cullman, Jr.
Anibal Dams
D. Ronald Daniel and Lise Scott
Gordon J. Davis and Peggy Cooper Davis
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Debrovner
Guy de Chazal
Steve and Connie Delehanty
Collin M. Dennis
Nick DiChiara
Valerie and Charles Diker
Dinesh and Kalpana Patel Foundation
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Mr. and Mrs. Oded Edan
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The Fascitelli Family Foundation
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The Gerstner Family Foundation
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Dr. Bjorn and Catherine Hanson
Gerry Harper
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The Hempel Family
Buck Henry Charitable Fund Administered 
by the California Community Foundation
Horacio and Julia Herzberg
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James Hnat
Joan and Irwin Hochberg
Carol & Richard Hochman
Joan Holmes
Josephine Lawrence Hopkins Foundation
The Hsu Family
Richard and Sharon Hurowitz
Ms. Carol Ivanick
Raphael G. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Jaffe
Jamestown Technologies
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Matthew Jill

Dr. Joy to the World Foundation
Ms. Yukako Kawata
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Mrs. Ralph W. Kern
Younghee Kim-Wait and Jarett F. Wait
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Anne and Peter Klein
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Sandy and Eric Krasnoff
Mr. and Mrs. George Krupp
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Mr. and Mrs. Fernand Lamesch
LaPlaca Cohen
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Nathan Leventhal and Katherine E. Brown
Levin, Plotkin & Menin
Fran and Jack Levy
The Honorable John L. Loeb, Jr. and Sharon Handler
Dr. Elyane E. Lombardy
Eileen Josten Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Mager
Tina Livanos and Alexandros Makrygeorgos
Dr. Stephen C. Malamud
The Mansi Family
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Jessica and Joseph Mari
Kevin Marrinan
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The Janis and Alan Menken Foundation
Allan and Vera Merrill
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Onomatopoeia Inc.
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Selwyn and Laura Oskowitz
Otis Elevator Company
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Michael and Gabrielle Palitz
Mr. Rafael Pardo Grandison
The Par Group
Randall Paul, Foundation for Religious Diplomacy
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Robert M. Pennoyer
Perakis Family
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Roni and Josh Podell
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Sara Lee and Axel Schupf
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Michael Park and Sarah Seo
Marsha and Jerry M. Seslowe
Kimberly and Viqar Shariff
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Dennis Shirshikov
Jenny Shotwell
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Jack and Shirley Silver
Miro & Batia Silvera
Stanley Silverman
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Grant and Jacqui Smith
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Vesna Straser and Brandon Weber
Marlene and Harold Strauss
Carol and Daniel Strickberger
Eash Sundaram
Maureen and John Sweeney
Donald G. Taylor
Phyllis Trible
E. N. Ellis and Patricia Truscelli
In Memory of Ernest E. Tyrrasch
Judith and Menno Verhave
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Vicky Wang
George and Sal Wen-Capolarello
Naida S. Wharton Foundation
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Adam, Alexa & Xanadu Wolman
Kathryn Wylde, Partnership For New York City
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