Welcome to the Lincoln Center Press Room

How do I find a press release?

All press releases in the Lincoln Center Press Room may be found by selecting the dropdown menu marked “Information/Images by Subject” and selecting a category/series (e.g. American Songbook or Live From Lincoln Center or David Rubenstein Atrium). Once you have selected an option, you will be directed to a page with releases for the category or series.

You can also search to find press releases by clicking here.

How do I find photos?

Photos can be found in two areas of the Lincoln Center Press Room. You can browse for photos via the category or series from the dropdown menu marked “Information/Images by Subject.” Images for these categories or series accompany press releases. You can also search for photos from any category or series by clicking here. For instance, if you are looking for artist photos featured in the Lincoln Center Festival, you can click on the dropdown menu for “Lincoln Center Festival” or search for an artist name in the Search area.

Once you have found and selected the photo you wish to download, click on the image. A new tab will open in your web browser displaying a high-resolution image. Photo information (such as credit, caption, etc.) will still be accessible via the original tab. Only registered users can download images from the site. New visitors or users must register in order to download any image.

How do I register for access to download images?

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, you will see an option to login or register. If you are registering for access for the first time, please hit “Register” and fill in the form on the following page for access. We will contact you regarding permission and site credentials to download images.

How can I receive press releases from Lincoln Center?

If you would like to receive press releases from Lincoln Center, please contact us at [email protected]