Through a variety of exciting "green" initiatives implemented since the completion of its major transformation, Lincoln Center now leads the way among performing arts institutions in its commitment to the environment. The major upgrade of the Center's Central Mechanical Plant, which dramatically increased energy efficiency, was followed by Lincoln Center's choice of Green Mountain Energy to supply 100% wind energy to the campus. And solar panels on the roof of the Rose Building will soon provide renewable energy onsite, through a grant from the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™. These recent initiatives, LEED Gold certification for the David Rubenstein Atrium visitor and community space, and long-standing "green" approaches including recycling, use of environmentally-safe cleaning products and paints, adoption of new, efficient lighting and more, are all part of Lincoln Center's commitment to a greener planet.

Lincoln Center has an on-going commitment to practicing environmental good citizenship. A range of programs and initiatives, both new, and long-standing, are helping to keep Lincoln Center "green," including:

  • Lincoln Center was one of four New York non-profits, selected from among 200 applicants, to receive funding for solar energy from the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ program. The $50,000 grant establishes the Green Mountain Energy Solar® at the Lincoln Center®, and will be used to install solar panels on the roof of the Rose Building, reducing the Center's energy bill. The Sun Club program enables Green Mountain Energy Company, Lincoln Center's energy supplier, and its employees, customers and supporters to contribute funds to socially-responsible non-profits to build solar technology and education at their facilities.

In 2012, Lincoln Center became the first performing arts center in New York City to be powered by wind energy purchased from Green Mountain Energy Company. The wind energy to support the Center is purchased by Green Mountain in the form of renewable energy certificates (RECs). Renewable energy powers David Geffen Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, Lincoln Ristorante, the David Rubenstein Atrium, the Rose Building, Juilliard's classrooms, practice rooms, stages and dormitories, and the Central Mechanical Plant, which provides heating and cooling to the Metropolitan Opera, the David H. Koch Theater and Lincoln Center Theater. Over a three-year period the use of renewable energy over fossil fuel-based electricity is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 100 million pounds.

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  • Upgrades to the Central Mechanical Plant have dramatically increased energy efficiency, through lower usage, improved output and a reduction of green-house gas emissions.
  • David Rubenstein Atrium is Lincoln Center's first LEED® Gold certified building, recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council for its sustainable and environmentally sound design, highlighted by its "living" plant walls, as well as green construction practices and use of regionally-sourced and recycled materials.
  • We recycle. Lincoln Center's trash is sorted off-site into recyclable and non-recyclable material before transfer to a waste management facility where paper, plastic, metal are separated out.

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